7 New Buzzwords from CES 2015 to Make You Sound Like a Tech Genius 

The giant electronics show sparks new lexicon for gotta-have gadgets like wearables, drones, robots, TVs and smart cars.

The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show is officially in the books. More than 160,000 attendees flooded the streets, hotels and Convention Center of Las Vegas as they hunted for the next tech-infused gadgetries from big name brands and tiny startups form around the world.

The bonanza of big-screen TVs, computers and other electronic eye candy was a dazzling assault on the senses, but a slew of new tech buzzwords also made heads spin.

No doubt people, and even ads, will use them – at least before they burn out – in the months ahead.

Here’s a CES 2015 buzzword cheat sheet:

Drone Ping-Pong 

There were a lot of flying things at CES, maybe more than previous years, but we learned this year that flying a drone is not solo activity.

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, showed off how Intel RealSense depth-sensing cameras can turn a drone into a really cool instrument to play a good old-fashioned game of ping-pong and his own version of Game of Drones.


Autonomous Cars 

At CES, numerous auto manufactures unveiled robotic cars that drive and park themselves.

This technology is still years away from becoming ready for prime time, but car makers such as Audi, Nissan and BMW proved that they’re making significant headway in developing autonomous vehicles.

More smart and connected cars deliver the capacity for safer driving through predicting and self-correcting a driver’s every move.



While many 4K televisions took the spotlight at last year’s show, providing four times the resolution of HD at 3840 x 2160, this year 5K screens took display resolution to even greater heights.

The 5K screens add extra width to make a TV screen 21:9 rather than 16:9 aspect ratio.

While 5K holds the promise of an ultra-HD experience, not much content yet exists in the bigger, higher quality format.


Robotic and 3D-Printed Dresses

Ever feel like your personal space is being invaded at a crowded party or restaurant?

This 3D-printed, robotic dress could provide the perfect solution.


Powered by the Intel Edison chip, this high-tech garment deemed the “spider dress” uses proximity sensors to identify when your personal space is being occupied and unleashes its robotic legs to take action on the invader.

Read more about the inspiration and technology behind the dress from iQ.


Belfie Stick

Watch out selfie stick, here comes the belfie stick. That’s a selfie for your butt in case you’re wondering.

This one-of-kind apparatus is devised to make personal butt photography a breeze.


No word yet on Kim Kardashian’s involvement in this product.


YouTube 360

YouTube is rolling out a new video format that will allow you to film and upload video shot with a 360-degree camera for a more immersive viewing experience.

Time called the announcement, “the craziest new feature YouTube has added in years.”

This new capability is thought to eventually pave the way to viewing the 360 video formats with virtual reality headsets.


Quantum Dot

This new technology could signal of the biggest changes in the TV over the next couple of years.

Quantum Dot is used by LG and other manufacturers that’s similar to Samsung’s SUHD where an extra layer of nano-crystals emit different colored light, improving color reproduction and brightness.

According to Venture Beat, Quantum Dot is the hottest TV technology on the today’s market.


Photo of Belfi Stick by ABC News.


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