16.7.3+ drivers on 1st gen GCN, UVD bug and how to partially deal with it

This post is not about whining or asking for fix, this post is about feedback because Im sure that people want from their GPUs to work as intended. I hope AMD will stop denying existence of this bug (otherwise, there is no chance for fixing it).

I have pitcairn and I was able to trigger UVD bug every time in potplayer for example ever since release of 16.7.3. Bug which makes your GPU stuck in UVD clocks once you use DXVA.

Considering that potplayer can be easily configured you can actually avoid triggering permanent UVD clocks until driver you GPU restart while using it. This will probably work for other video players too, but I will not confirm something that I did not tested.

Idea to test different decoders and renderers came from one of the posts on guru3d forums.

I will just copy some things from my post there considering results are interesting:

Depending on decoders and renders used results may vary. I did testing in potplayer. Since EVR and madshi (for some reason I cant disable deinterlancing on installed madshi...) are considered as the best renderers in this short term tests so I used following:

Build in decoder + EVR CP = UVD bug
Build in decoder + installed/built-in madshi = UVD bug free
LAV filter set to copy back does not trigger UVD bug (native cant be picked - edit: it can be picked but hw accel. does not work)
MS DTV-DVD decoder does not trigger UVD bug
This testing was done with 17.1.2

Potplayer uses FFmpeg decoder as built-in decoder and obviously using it with EVR renderer will trigger UVD bug every time

As far as video players goes, UVD bug can be avoided. In case of browsers, you will have to disable hw acceleration if bug occurs. If some of the games triggers this bug, you will have to restart driver once you exit the game. Firefox dxva is disabled by default (for my card at least), but I think that chrome can trigger it reliably.


I hope this will actually helpful to someone and AMD if they ever decide that their customers deserve proper drivers. Because this was ignored for like 6+ months, if I had to buy new GPU now, that would not be an AMD card for sure. I hope they will actually do something with this info.

I will not continue to test this, since obviously newer drivers have issues in some specific circumstances that will cause this bug to happen and there are lots of different decoders/renderers that can be used.


What should be purpose of this thread?

If you can trigger UVD bug in specific player/browser/game, please post it. If it is video player related, post which decoder and renderers are used.


Note: If someone from AMD responds, please, do not tell me that FFmeg/EVR are broken, because they work just fine with drivers up to 16.7.2.